Server rules

As a building server, the top priority is to preserve people's creations. Our rules are designed to be minimal but cover the basics of simple respect and ethicality for our members.


Be a good person.

Don't deliberately attempt to harm or attack other members, or the actual server. Generally, you should mind the business of other people and not "be in the way," if you will.


Comply with staff.

If an admin directs you to do something, they have a reason, and you should listen to them. Administrators actively interpret what is right and wrong. Respect them as you'd respect another member.


Remain secure.

Please refrain from building potentially offensive content near the spawn. You're free to express yourself in the chat, but refrain from referring to homophilia, pedophilia, et cetera.

File a report

If someone's breaking the rules, you can file a report using this form, which will be directly forwarded to administrator channels.