About the server

We're an architecture-based gameserver that's been running for six years.

Launched on January 12th of 2014, the server was founded under the name Chromium until it was renamed to Aedificium. The gameserver's primary function is to serve as a platform for modifying and maintaining large builds. It's sold on the ability to:

1. run comparatively faster when modifying content because of relational databases and "async" block modifications. Average-sized builds paste with half the general delay speed and moderated repairs have little queue.

2. routinely and automatically catalog periodical backups of all server information. For the user, the burden has been lifted of worrying about file corruption or data loss en masse "backed up" information is not stored on the same plate.

3. allow users to utilize powerful tools—like hand-bound terraforming and cutting—unlike some servers because we place the user's need over ease of stability when it comes to features. Daylight cycles and physics are also functional.

Terms of service

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