About the server

Aedificium is a semi-whitelisted architecture-oriented gameserver for the sandbox video game Minecraft, where anyone can apply for the position of architect, which grants the full capacity to build with our tools.

On the date of 07/21/13 this server began operating as a sandbox community, where every player was granted operator. The server was retired on the date of 05/04/18 and has since returned as a server for builders.

On the date of 05/01/20 we switched from a fork of the CraftBukkit server software to Cuberite, and began developing our own plugins. Cuberite is an extensible server software for Minecraft, and we run three plugins which are completely open-source.

Conduct policy

The “conduct policy” represents a set of basic guidelines which are unified across every platform where our services are offered. If you are caught violating the guidelines, our staffmembers (moderators and administrators) are permitted to take whatever action they deem necessary, which may extend to your account being banned.

  1. Don’t harm the server by deliberately lagging or crashing it. Redstone functionality has been handicapped to prevent the creation of machines which impact performance. Flooding the chat with messages or using spambots isn’t allowed.

  2. Avoid harassing other members and respect their right to privacy when asked. Destroying the builds of others or modifying the work of others without their explicit permission is known as griefing, which will not be tolerated.

  3. Comply with staff by listening to their commands. Evading your ban by using a proxy or virtual private network isn’t allowed and can result in your known identity being reported to the service provider in question. Threatening harm to yourself or other members will result in your immediate removal from the server.

About our architects

Over time, we’ve consolidated our hierarchy into three ranks: architect, moderator, and administrator. New players have no distinct rank and are assigned to “visitor” when they join. Visitors are assigned to spectator mode, with which they may freely browse the server, whereas the ability to build is granted to architects and above.

Architects are chosen through an application process which allows us to select who’d be best for working on our server. Foremost, architects are given a full array of tools for manipulating builds, and may export their projects from our server at any time.

About our moderators

Moderators exist to keep the server free of pestilence, and may kick or ban members if deemed necessary. On the guild, they are granted the permission to modify the message history of each channel.

Newcoming moderators are hand-picked by the server founder as opposed to our now-defunct process of applying for the position. Currently, there is no formal application for the position of moderator.

About our administrators

Our administrators consist of sysadmins and skilled ex-moderators who’ve moved up the ladder. Most of them have been with us since the beginning, and the scope of their position is to manage higher-level server activity.

Mosley (fssp/grntbg) is the server owner and founder of this community who is directly responsible for managing staffmembers.

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