Become an architect

It's easier than ever to gain access to our open-source tools while keeping this community secure by filling out our short application.

You may also open the application in a separate page if that's easier.

Architects are given a full array of tools for manipulating builds and may export their projects from our server at any time.

What are the requirements?

There are no solid requirements for applicants seeking the position of architect other than to be ingrained in our community by getting to know the people who already have become architects.

The outcome of your application will be determined by the character of your builds and their originality — all submissions are reverse-searched.

Your universally unique identifier is a string consisting of one hundred and twenty eight hexadecimal characters which serves as a representation of your account's "identity" separate from its username.

Unlike your name, your unique identifier never changes, which is why we ask for this information when you apply for the position of architect.

After an applicant submits their application for the position of architect they'll be notified of their outcome via direct message on behalf of the official Aedificium#4667 guild account.

We'll never ask for additional information beyond what is probed through this application, and if that happens, you should report them.

If for any reason your application doesn't get accepted, you can submit another one after two months. Keep in mind that you cannot apply if you are currently banned from the server.

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