Shorthand index

“Shorthand” or alias values are used to declare various functions or items as opposed to identification numbers, which can be harder to remember for players. They are typically accepted alongside numeric values without this being denoted in the command’s syntax.

Entity aliases

Entities can be summoned using “aliases,” however there is no numeric value for mobs known to the game, giving players no alternative to this standard. Each alias represents a globals class which are available without a class instance.

Types of minecarts

The behavior of these minecarts may be hindered by redstone functionality, which has been handicapped to prevent large-scale machines from running at length.

Alias Class Description
minecart E_ITEM_MINECART Standard minecart.
chest_minecart E_ITEM_CHEST_MINECART Minecart with a chest.
furnace_minecart E_ITEM_FURNACE_MINECART Minecraft with a furnace.
hopper_minecart E_ITEM_MINECART_WITH_HOPPER Minecraft with a hopper.
tnt_minecart E_ITEM_MINECART_WITH_TNT Minecraft with explosives.

Types of monsters

Mobs do not spawn naturally and the properties of hostile mobs are fixed.

Alias Class Description
bat mtBat Flying passive bat.
blaze mtBlaze Floating hostile blaze.
cave_spider mtCaveSpider Hostile or passive cave spider.
chicken mtChicken Common passive chicken.
cow mtCow Common passive cow.
creeper mtCreeper Common hostile creeper.
ender_dragon mtEnderDragon Gigantic hostile ender dragon.
enderman mtEnderman Lanky passive enderman.
ghast mtGhast Large hostile ghast.
giant mtGiant Oversized passive zombie.
guardian mtGuardian Swimming hostile guardian.
horse mtHorse Mountable passive horse.
iron_golem mtIronGolem Large passive iron golem.
magma_cube mtMagmaCube Restless hostile magma cube.
mooshroom mtMooshroom Rare passive mooshroom.
ocelot mtOcelot Rare passive ocelot.
pig mtPig Mountable passive pig.
rabbit mtRabbit Restless passive rabbit.
sheep mtSheep Shearable passive sheep.
silverfish mtSilverfish Small hostile silverfish.
skeleton mtSkeleton Undead hostile skeleton.
slime mtSlime Restless passive slime.
snowman mtSnowGolem Golem-like passive snowman.
spider mtSpider Hostile or passive spider.
squid mtSquid Swimming passive squid.
villager mtVillager Trading passive villager.
witch mtWitch Rare hostile witch.
wither mtWither Undead hostile wither.
wolf mtWolf Tameable passive wolf.
zombie mtZombie Undead hostile zombie.
zombie_pigman mtZombiePigman Undead passive zombie pigman.

Because we do not offer survival mode, the attack damage and range of hostile mobs are kept in unison with the software’s default configuration.

Types of projectiles

Projectile entities are usually brought on by items (e.g. arrows or ender pearls) and can only be summoned on their own using commands.

Alias Class Description
arrow cProjectileEntity.pkArrow Arrow being shot.
egg cProjectileEntity.pkEgg Egg being thrown.
ender_pearl cProjectileEntity.pkEnderPearl Ender pearl being thrown.
fireworks_rocket cProjectileEntity.pkFirework Firework being set off.
fireball cProjectileEntity.pkGhastFireball Ghast fireball being thrown.
potion cProjectileEntity.pkSplashPotion Splash of a potion.
small_fireball cProjectileEntity.pkFireCharge Fire charge being thrown.
snowball cProjectileEntity.pkSnowball Snowball being thrown.
wither_skull cProjectileEntity.pkWitherSkull Flying head of a wither skull.
xp_bottle cProjectileEntity.pkExpBottle Splash of an experience bottle.

Summoning projectile entities may not bring about the physical effects as it would in the vanilla game, because explosions have been disabled.

Item aliases

Item names are defined by a configuration and returned by a globals class which allows commands to include aliases for items without modifying their respective plugin. Unlike entity aliases, item numbers can be used as an alternative to item names.

List of blocks

Blocks are categorized as objects which can be readily placed and broken in the creative mode. In order to keep this list readable, identical aliases with underscores (e.g. birchplanks versus birch_planks) have been omitted.

Alias Number Description
stone rock 1 Stone block.
granite 1:1 Granite block.
polishedgranite pgranite 1:2 Polished granite block.
diorite 1:3 Diorite block.
polisheddiorite pdiorite 1:4 Polished diorite block.
andesite 1:5 Andesite block.
polishedandesite pandesite 1:6 Polished andesite block.
grass 2 Grass block.
dirt 3 Dirt block.
coarsedirt cdirt 3:1 Coarse dirt block.
podzol 3:2 Podzol block.
cobblestone cobble 4 Cobblestone block.
planks oakplanks appleplanks 5:0 Oak planks.
spruceplanks coniferplanks pineplanks 5:1 Spruce planks.
birchplanks lightplanks 5:2 Birch planks.
jungleplanks redplanks 5:3 Jungle planks.
acaciaplanks 5:4 Acacia planks.
darkoakplanks darkplanks 5:5 Dark oak planks.
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