Migrating from servers

Over a period of seven years, we’ve become involved with similar communities and have eventually absorbed them to provide a better experience for the members of those neighbor servers. We’ve also changed quite a bit over that time.

Adopting the Cuberite software

On the date of 05/01/20 our server underwent an extensive update that reset the playerdata of our members and forced us to privatize some legacy worlds due to their incompatibility with the Cuberite server software.

Worlds which were deemed antiquated have since been replaced by newer worlds generated using better tools, although they can still be accessed through our read-only legacy server which supports Java client versions 1.10 through 1.12 and can be connected to using the domain old.aedi.app as a direct connect server address.

“Unraveled” merging with Aedificium

On the date of 11/01/17 a server known as Unraveled/UMC uploaded its schematics, worlds, and playerdata to our server after closing. Three years afterwards, the server was re-opened and has since adopted a new name.

There’s been an ongoing program of granting the position of architect to builders and former staff members of the server, which is carried out by our admins. On the date of 12/25/20 that server’s domain was repossessed by this server and was later donated to a multipurpose network on the date of 02/14/21.

How do I get my rank back?

Benefits have been offered to former players of that community under conditions sanctioned by this article posted on the original date of this transition. Former members of that server holding the “master-builder” position may be afforded the position of architect if so desired.

Moderators and administrators of that server were placed under automatic consideration for the moderator position on our server. Since then, we have consolidated our staff ranks and there is no longer any “executive” position.

If you still qualify for this offer and have not been given an equivalent position in the past, you may contact the server owner to inquire about receiving benefits.

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