Policies and guidelines

Our server’s ruleset offers a broad range of guidelines for acceptable conduct on our server, however specific incidences such as the handling of private information are either barred or endorsed by policies. Members are not usually encouraged to read through our policies and guidelines unless handed greater responsibilities.

Server-level policies

This section contains policies which have been created specifically for our in-game server and do not apply outside of that platform, unless the service in question directly relates to the video game for which the server runs.

On the reporting of issues

The exposure of an issue which is potentially damaging to the server, exploitation of that issue, or usage of our services as a catalyst of the transmission of this information with regard to other platforms is unacceptable. Issues should be properly reported in a manner that does not expose sensitive information to the public. An issue is defined as a bug, unintentional flaw in design, or flaw opened under the circumstance of gradual change. Issues should not be used to take advantage of others in any way.

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