This is a list of commands included in each of the three plugins used on the server. They are organized by permission level of which there are four ranks: visitor (granted to every player when they join), architect, moderator and administrator. Permissions are stored in a Ranks.sqlite file which also contains each player's rank according to their UUID.

/help can be used in-game or from console to list permissible commands.

Heads up! This page is a work in progress, so it may be incomplete or misleading. It's also only relevant to the creative server.

Visitor-level commands

Syntax Permission(s) Description
/ascend edits.navigation.ascend Ascends you upward.
/biomes edits.biomes Lists biomes compatible with the server.
/chunks basics.chunks Lists any chunks in the server's memory.
/commands /help basics.help Lists permissible commands.
/cui edits.cui Completes the CUI visualizer handshake.
/descend edits.navigation.descend Descends you downward.
/distance <distance> basics.distance Sets your render distance. `distance` = `min - max` for client.
/formats edits.schematic.list Lists supported schematic formats.
/lag basics.lag Calculates the server's average t/s.
/players basics.players Lists players who are online.
/plugins basics.plugins Lists plugins installed/enabled on the server.
/ranks basics.ranks Lists configured ranks.
/memory basics.memory Calculates the amount of memory being used.
/motd basics.motd Displays the message of the day.
/nearby basics.nearby Lists players who are nearby.
/worlds basics.worlds Lists configured worlds.
/whisper <player> <message> /reply <message> basics.whisper Directly messages somebody.
/schematics edits.schematic.list Lists schematics on the server. Because there are so many, it will just link you to the file server.
/seed [world] basics.seed Displays the world's seed.
/spawn [world] basics.spawn Takes you to any world's spawn.