If you discover an issue on the server, you may follow this document in order to see it addressed promptly. We need people who can troubleshoot issues patiently and communicate them in clear English.

Checking for duplicates

If you have found an issue then you should first check to make sure it's not already known to the community by asking around. An issue that is simple, such as a misspelled word or poor performance, may be reported through the #issues channel of our Discord server. Something that impedes your playing on the server, leads to its repeated crashing, or breaks a command's intended functionality is major enough to report by opening a new issue.


Before you proceed, you should try using the 1.12.2 (340) version/protocol of Minecraft if you are not doing so already and see if the issue is not brought on by cross-version compatibility between versions of the game. Earlier versions such as 1.8.9 now experience numerous issues despite being supported by the Cuberite server software. Newer versions of the game are supported behind a proxy software and may run into similar problems with cross-version.

The Cuberite server software is still in active development and should not be considered a finished project. As such, some features of the game have not yet been added to the server on account of Cuberite. Here is a simplified list of features missing from Cuberite that this server has come into contact with. There exists a tracking issue for unimplemented features on Github.

  1. Server-side support for the game versions beyond 1.12.*.
  2. Some Notchian block placements involving rails and ladders do not translate well into Cuberite.
  3. Shields and the "new" combat system. (Unimportant for a creative server.)
  4. A better mob AI, better horse riding, and entites added in versions beyond 1.8.9.
  5. Any type of out-of-box world border which would go unused by this server.

Opening an issue

We track issues on GitHub according to their plugin, but there is only one repository which accepts issues so they can be easily followed.

Make sure the issue/bug is reproducible on the server unless it's in the code. Ensure that it does not pertain to cross-version compatibility issues or is a Minecraft bug in which case it should be reported to Mojang.