The “conduct policy” represents a set of basic guidelines which are unified across everywhere our services are offered. If our staff believe that you have violated these guidelines then they are permitted to take whatever action they deem necessary, which may extend to your account being banned.

  1. You will not use our services to do anything that violates local or federal United States law.
  2. You will cease to use the server and not continue to operate your forum account if you are under the age of 13.
  3. You will not post or request personal information ("dox") or calls to invasion ("raids").
  4. Advertising is not welcome—this includes any type of link or referral to another service.
  5. You will not use our services to transmit any harmful packets, including:
    1. Packets with a spoofed source address
    2. Packets with the intent to flood or deny another party of their service ("ddos")
    3. Packets with the intent of searching for open ports ("port scanning")
    4. Malformed packets with the intent to otherwise harm a service
  6. The privacy of other players is important to this community. Avoid harassing other members by building in direct proximity to another player's project.
  7. Destroying the builds of others or modifying the work of others without their explicit permission is known as griefing, which will not be tolerated. Data backups of server files are routinely kept.
  8. Evading your punishment will result in a longer one. Instead, appeal it.

Remember that the use of this server is a privilege, not a right. The moderation team reserves the right to revoke access for any reason without notice. We consider these guidelines to be succinct and understandable enough for players of all shortcomings to be devoid of an excuse not to have read them.

Appeals may be created on the community forum or via e-mail.