We have a survival server hosted on survival.aedi.app that acts as an extension of the creative server, a side project, which anyone can join. It's based off a high-scale map of the Earth with nation's borders intact and uses the Factions plugin (formerly Towny) for players to claim chunks of land.

Factions basics

The operative goal of our survial extension is to establish competitiveness while remaining fun. It costs $100 in-game currency to start a faction using /f create <name> however chunks of land start at $25 in-game currency and that cost will increase per each additionally claimed piece of land: 25 + (25 * 0.025 * ownedLand).

Relations between factions default to neutral, however this can be changed. The ally and truce relations require a mutual agreement to take effect (via commands) however the enemy relation is one-sided and does not require any form of consent on behalf of the receiving party. Factions have a permissions structure that allow for factions owners to control particular aspects of the plugin as they trickle down to players within a faction.

Each faction has its own bank or vault that can be managed with the command /f money that in turn provides a list of money-related commands. In-game currency from your own /balance must be deposited into the faction's bank so that certain things can be paid for, including land.

List of survival commands

This is a shortened list of commands that are helpful for the survival server, having to do with Factions. The /f help list should be referred to, as many commands have been intentionally excluded from this list.

Syntax Description
/f help Displays a list of commands for Factions.
/f money [...] Displays a list of money-related commands for Factions.
/f list Displays a list of active factions on the server.
/f show/f who Displays a summary of your faction's current status.
/f join <faction> Lets you join a faction.
/f home Teleports you to your faction's home.
/f create <name> Creates a new faction.
/f description <desc> Changes the faction's description.
/f rename <tag> Changes the faction's tag (name).
/f open [yes/no=flip] Toggles if the faction requires an invitation to join.
/f sethome Marks the faction's home.

Voting for the server

Casting a vote in favor of the server on a number of gameserver listing websites will give you benefits. Each player is given $1,000 in-game currency by the server in exchange for their vote. Below are a number of websites you may vote on that will be recognized.

# Server listing URL redirect
1 TopG https://aedi.app/vote/topg/
2 Planet Minecraft https://aedi.app/vote/pmc/
3 Minecraft-Server-List https://aedi.app/vote/mcl1/
4 MinecraftServers https://aedi.app/vote/ms1/

Dynamic map

There is a dynamic map generated with Dynmap and hosted on survival.aedi.app in your browser. This is exclusive to the survival extension and may load slower than the static map generated with Mapcrafter or may not be served at all if the server is offline.